How to Pass a Gallstone - An Alternative to Gallbladder Surgery

Many doctors suggest a cholecystectomy after one gallstone attack. Some doctors recommend after a couple gallstone formations. And many natural health doctors will only recommend surgery after repeated attempts to pass the stones naturally. The reason behind the ambiguity is there is not much longitudinal research about the effects of missing the organ, the gallbladder. Many people seem to function normally without their gallbladder. Yet there are horror stories of other people's bodies not being able to function properly.

Wilson’s disease: Wilson's disease is an inherited disorder in which there is too much copper in the body's tissues. The excess copper damages the liver and nervous system. Wilson's disease is a rare inherited disorder. It causes the body to take in and keep too much copper. The deposits of copper cause tissue damage, death of the tissues, and scarring, which causes the affected organs to stop working correctly. Wilson’s disease typically appears in people under 40 years old. In children, the symptoms begin to show by age 4. The goal of treatment is to reduce the amount of copper in the tissues. This is done by a procedure called chelation which can bind to copper and help remove it through the kidneys or gut. The following medications may be used Penicillamine, Trientine, Zinc acetate. Vitamin E supplements may also be used. Foods to avoid include: chocolate, dried fruit, mushrooms, nuts, shellfish. A liver transplant may be considered in cases where the liver is severely damaged by the disease.

Jaundice occurs when the liver is unable to process and filter old blood and convert it into bile. This means a malfunction in the liver or a blockage in the gall bladder.

To further understand what can go wrong with the gallbladder, the next thing to know is what gallstones are. They are stones that are formed in the gallbladder, when this structure is not working properly. Bile, which is stored in the gallbladder, is made out of bilirubin, cholesterol and bile salts. When the gall bladder starts to function bad, solid crystals are formed. In most of the cases, if not all, the crystals are made of cholesterol.

The gallbladder's normal function is to collect and concentrate the bile. The bile is used to help digest fatty and oily foods. When you eat something containing fat or oil - like something fried - the gallbladder squeezes out bile. So, those that never eat anything with fat or oil do not ever have the gallbladder emptied. The bile then becomes more and more concentrated until crystals start to form.

3. Your diet! After your body flush, it would be recommend you begin your prevention program. You should immediately begin to avoid fatty and fried foods. Here is a quick list of foods to avoid that our natural health doctor suggested: eggs, pork, onions, fowl, milk citrus, corn, beans and nuts.